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It takes a lot to make a website that looks, feels, and works correctly. There needs to be a certain aesthetic to a website depending on the industry, product, or service that is being offered. The colors must be in sync with your brand. There must also be a specific amount of animations, and the information must be written and advertised in the most precise way. SYNERGY is here to help you develop your website based on these exact principles but meshing your individual needs into account.

Types of website we can build for you:

  1. Information Centric
  2. E-commerce Website with Shopping Cart
  3. Membership Based Website
  4. SEO Friendly Landing Pages
  5. Matchmaking Websites
  6. And much more

From building hundreds or websites, our team uses these 6 steps comprehensive steps:

  1. Vision and Audience Definition
  2. Understanding Look and Feel
  3. Creating Prototype
  4. Creating the Website
  5. Creating Admin Tool or CMS
  6. Testing and Launch



During this first step in creating your website we must asses the demographics of who the website is catered towards. We will determine your target audience and customers. We will also assess what you want the end result to be once a person visits your site. For example if the website is for a real estate company we would potentially include an information form on the website with the opportunity for the potential client to input information so the real estate agent understands who the customer is, their needs, and who he/she can follow up with the visitor of the site.


Our next order of business is to produce the look and the feel of the website and your company. This includes the branding of your company: everything from your logo to making sure your business card matches the aesthetics of your website. We will also work to make sure that your website looks just as appealing on a mobile device, as it does on a desktop.


In order to bring together the first two steps in having your website go live, we must create a prototype of your website and create mock up designs of what it will look like. While doing so, we can take into account the type of website you are creating as well as the look that you’re going for. For example, if this real estate website that was mentioned earlier was focused on selling high end houses, we would use the right imagery and branding to make sure the prototype caters to a wealthier demographic who would be interested in these houses.


In this fourth step of creating your website, we will bring your ideas to life online. Before doing so, we will need to define together which pages are needed, and retrieve content from you that we might not have. Such necessary content includes sections like: about us, team, how it works etc. Throughout the process of creating this website we will contact you and demo which pages or sections of the website are finished for you to see.


For the majority of the websites that we build, we provide a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you, the client, to update/change the content of your website yourself without our assistance. For example, the main images, product details, team members, etc on the website have the potential to be modified by you at any time, from the CMS. This can be done simply and quickly by you with no coding or programing expertise needed.


Once the website has been created, we will do our own internal testing on the website to ensure that it is running smoothly. We will also provide a way for you to also test the website and give us feedback on it. Once the feedback has been received from both you and our internal team, we can make changes as needed in order to improve it. When all the changes have been made, and everyone has given their feedback, the website will be ready to be launched to the public!

Designing a website is both an Art and a Science. Our team of developers is willing to work as hard as possible to create the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient website that promotes your products or services in the best way possible. Since our work is done based upon milestones that are set throughout the course of this process, this allows the founder of the website to keep track of where we are in the milestone process and keep up to date on the progress. We keep our clients up to date on the progress of their website throughout the entire process.

A website is the world’s first impression of your brand or product. At SYNERGY Consulting, we are deeply motivated by our passion for bringing innovation to life. Our strong culture of paying attention to the details, along with our expert technical team, combined with our creative acumen allows us to meet quick deadlines while still providing top notch service.