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Technology is constantly evolving. Today, the newest and most efficient way to get information or a product distributed is through an application, via an iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer. These applications all start with your idea and then are later translated into blueprint / prototype, and then finally with the help of our expert team; your simple dream can finally become a reality and launch. SYNERGY works side by side with you, the entrepreneur, to create your application from scratch starting with our personalized design process.

SYNERGY walks you through the various phases of this collaborative process from strategy, design, development, beta testing, up until the final launch. Within all these steps our mission is to nurture your innovation and ensure the best possible impact for its users.



    In this first phase you’ll explain the overall concept behind the app, the problem you are addressing, and the solution the app will provide. In order for us to get a clear understanding of your vision, it’s critical that you be as specific as possible. This will make the job of our design, coding, and engineering team much easier. Using Uber as an example, their business model required two apps; one with certain features just for the rider, and another with different features just for the driver. This process was determined in the first phase.


    The next phase is to design the layout and graphics of the application. This is a very important step in the process because it’s crucial that you have an appealing design for your product. If you have a specific vision in mind for your app, you can gather and organize examples you would like us to customize. Showing our team visual examples of ideas you like allows us to go towards one common direction before we start with prototyping.


    Since the foundation of the app has now been created, you are now able to play around with the general layout and to discuss any adjustments you’d like to make to it. This early sample of your product can test the design, flow, and overall usability of the app that you’re trying to produce to make sure it’s something you’re happy with.


    After evaluating your designs together with building the prototype, we will create 3 versions of your app on a milestone basis in order to perfect it:

    Alpha Version: This is the very first version of your app, it contains only a few key features to demonstrate how the app is going to work.

    Using Uber as an example; this version would include sending out a request and then tracking the car.

    Beta Version: This is a more advanced version that can be tested by other users outside of the developing company.

    Using Uber as an example; this phase would incorporate the account activation process for the rider, linking to payment option, and the driver receiving payment after completion of the ride.

    Final Version: This is the final version of the app. By testing the full app you have created, it will avoid launching an app with bugs and help improve the software. One thing that should be kept in mind throughout this entire process is to use a team that is able to configure servers and keep everything secure. This is important because the last thing you want is to have private information such as credit card numbers and contact information of your customers hacked or compromised.

    Using Uber as an example; this final version would incorporate key elements learned from getting feedback from test beta users. Such features like rate and review the driver, help and support section within the app, and quick cancellation option are all later additions added right before final launch.


    The fifth and final step of launching your application, is the most exciting step. The most secure and standard host is Amazon Web Services, which we suggest hosting your application on. It also helps to have a marketing strategy in order to get the word out about your app. Running this marketing plan by seasoned experts from the SYNERGY team can really help you solidify what is realistic in the market today using more than 15 years experience working with diverse startups.

Lastly, the rule of thumb is that when you’re creating an app, you need to budget for at least 3 – 5 months from build to launch. We waste no time in finding the optimal solution to solve the problems you’re looking to fix with your application, and we feel confident in our ability to create an app that works to fix that problem to the best of its ability. Our work is done based upon milestones that are set up to specifically make this process a lot more streamlined. SYNERGY Consulting thrives in ensuring our entrepreneurs are fully engaged in every step of the process through constant communication towards one goal. Our promise is to work as efficiently as possible to finish the application within all deadlines.

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