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No two businesses are the same. At SYNERGY Consulting, we work with you, the client, to develop the perfect customized solution for the innovative idea you’re introducing to the market. We build software specific to your industry in order to automate a service for you or for your clients. We create this software to address the precise needs of your ideas, rather than having you use a generic product or software that might not work for your unique business.

An example of a custom software that SYNERGY created is the Pulse 24/7 application and financial dashboard. We created this dashboard combined with an application to cater to the needs of companies in service industries such as beauty and wellness. At SYNERGY Consulting, we created a dashboard and application, that empowers owners and employees in these companies to organize their operations and marketing in the most efficient way. Pulse 24/7 allows you to manage your appointments, get paid through the application, and manage your social media accounts including postings, all from one platform. This application has eased the lives of thousands of owners and the employees of these service industries because they now can manage their business from the palms of their hands.

SYNERGY follows these 6 Steps with Startups & Mid Sized companies when building Custom Software:

  1. Define
  2. Design
  3. Mockup
  4. Build
  5. Test
  6. Launch



The first step in creating a Custom Software is to define what to build. This is the most important stage as it sets the tone for the entire process which could take anywhere from one to three months. During this step we must define the problem that is trying to be solved by the use of this software. Then we must figure out the features, functions, and the business needs for this software. In order for this step to occur, it requires collaboration between SYNERGY and the Senior Executives of the business.


The second step in making your Custom Software is the design. We will help you strategize the look and overall flow of the software and how it’s going to work. We can help brainstorm your target market and design the app based off of what appeals to that specific demographic. For example, if the custom software is a market place, you could potentially have a buyer and a seller portal or a super admin portal that manages the buyers and the sellers. We will help draw up how each users would see their information and perform their individual tasks.


Once we have finished the design step, we will move onto the next step which is creating mock up pages with sample data based off what we did during the design stage. For example if this software were in a market place these mockups will allow us to see what a potential buyer would see when they log into the software. This is an essential phase before programming begins so that the initial version of the software can be built using the correct structure in mind. This process is what allows us to avoid finding changes at the last minute which gets time consuming and costly.


The next step in creating this software is actually building it. In this phase we first create a project plan and assign different sections of the software to different deadlines. If we were to be building a marketplace, we could for example decide we to build the buyer side in 60 days and then the seller side in the next 60 days and finally the admin side in the last 60 days. These milestones that we set for ourselves avoid unpleasant surprises from arising throughout the process. While building the software we schedule demo days with the client, where we can demo our progress and have collaborative conversations on what is being built and discuss any revisions or additions.


Once the software has been built, we will test it make sure that it is working quickly and simply. We do testing internally but we also have the capability to have an independent 3rd party team come in and do external testing of the software in its entirety. We also rely on our clients to test the software as well, and report back to us any bugs they may find during that process.


When the client is satisfied and the product has been through extensive testing, we will finally launch the software to the public. We will port the software into the client’s servers or create instances on Amazon servers to deploy the product.

The process of creating custom software includes working with you and/or your team to figure out your exact needs as a business owner. Our work is done based on milestones set throughout the making of the custom software process. This will allow you to see if we are on track with our progress, or if we need to adjust or add additional sections before moving forward. We foster a culture of continuous communication during this relationship. This communication is something we strive to maintain throughout the process of developing your software from design to launch.