Business Hours

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  • Saturday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed

Our Beginning

Web Apps LLC (DBA SYNERGY Consulting) started by helping mid-sized companies and startups build, launch, and brand its products into existing and emerging markets using modern technology and industry specific marketing strategies. This was all a result of our personal struggles to get one of our internal products off the ground. We saw all of the issues associated with outsourcing, poor discipline, bad communication and documentation, and not having a trustworthy team. And, as a result, starting up was a painstaking process. Eventually we created a solid team and defined a set of processes that became our “secret” to success. After realizing the challenges that our company had to get through, our goal became focused on helping other startups build and grow. Our company in the last 36 months alone has helped build 20+ companies with 100+ digital products.

In today’s world, most startups waste 50 percent of their resources within the first year and we wanted to bring an end to that. By helping other startups become more efficient with their resources and guiding them past the challenges we faced, we hope to be a great help. We have helped over 20 companies in the past 4 years, and are planning on helping many more glide by the initial challenges and hardships that we had to endure.



Companies come to us because we have a very unique system and structured process. After hiring and firing several teams of developers and growth hackers, we have experienced the pains already for you. Not only has our team learned from our own mistakes, but we’ve seen businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wrong team and infrastructure.




We emphasize good and consistent communication from the ground up. In between deadlines and demo dates, we add in “check in” times with our clients just to make sure we are all on the same page.


This is a metaphor for how businesses should progress: we will work within the right processes so we can get the project right the first time around, rather than simply trying to get it done too fast and making critical mistakes.


We have a habit of exceeding our clients expectations. Time and time again, we have delivered finished products well before deadlines, allowing our clients to launch their product earlier than its expected time.


This builds on the communication trait, as being transparent is very important to us. We are honest about our capabilities and have no problem refusing a project if we feel we won’t be able to deliver with highest quality.


Working together to create something beautiful is our passion. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and be a part of your organization, even if that means being at your location 5 days a week before initiating the project.


We will always be mentoring and motivating your success, as your success is the lone goal for our company. There are no alternate motives other than the success of your company.