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“Cash makes the world go round!” In order for your products to gain market share after launch there must be fundraising done to both maintain the stability of the company and accelerate growth. Our team at SYNERGY Consulting will help you achieve this goal through 3 different steps.

Types of services provided:


A well thought out and clear presentation is a requirement for potential meetings you may have when attracting investors. One of our services provided by SYNERGY Consulting is Investor Deck Creation. This includes a 10-15 page presentational document that includes information regarding market size, financials, product demonstration, team information and so forth.


Finding investors is not a simple task. Another service that we provide to you is a mentorship on how to find investors for you company. We know that finding investors can be a struggle and we want to prepare you as best as possible to ensure that you will find an investor for your company. We coach you on what events are the best for you to attend for networking, how to write effective intro letters, emails, and Executive Summaries to potential investors.

Networking is a large part of finding an investor that will help fund your dreams to make it a reality, and we know that networking can be intimidating. We will work with you to provide a sense of comfort when it comes to networking with people you don’t know as well as training you how to leverage websites such as Linkedin in order to connect with potential investors faster.


First time entrepreneurs usually find fundraising to be a challenge and giving a presentation to a potential investor can be nerve wracking. We will work with you one on one to coach you through mock presentations with best practices of presenting to specific investors. We will also help to prepare you for the questions and metrics experienced investors may ask, and help you come up with strong and clear answers to them.

At SYNERGY Consulting we will do research on current market trends including coming up with financial predictions for your company such as the profit or loss financial projections. This is necessary in order to gauge how successful your application, website, or custom software will be and determining your product’s initial valuation for investors. We will then work with you, the founder of the of company, to come up with fundraising strategies in order to acquire as much money as possible to fuel your projections. We will provide you with these confidently based upon the market predictions we have researched for your product.

At SYNERGY Consulting we know that you founders may not understand how to find investors who are willing to put their funds into their idea. We will mentor you on how to frame your story, find the right investor, and how to convince them that your idea is worth investing in. We will also coach you through the negotiations that must be had in order to close the round of financing you need.