Business Hours

  • Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed

SYNERGY Consulting (registered in 2013 in the state of Connecticut as Web Apps LLC) is a minority owned organization that helps mid-sized, startups and large companies Architect, Plan, build, launch its technology products into existing and emerging markets. We use modern technology, deploy the right expertise, and define industry specific processes to execute measurable goals.


We are here to make Public Sector projects successful!

Core Capabilities

Full scale technology development and launch: SYNERGY provides a spectrum of services helping organizations launch scalable technologies on time,and on budget. Our methodology is proven through strong case studies by following the best practice IT practices.

IT Planning and Project Management: we work with C-level executives to plan and executive complex IT projects.We provide technology advice on how complex business processes can be automated using cutting-edge but still cost-effective technology solutions. Our IT project management service includes helping organizations get a handle on off railed projects.

Web Applications: we design and build custom database driven applications that run on cloud environments. Our applications include CRM, reporting, appointment systems,logics,and employee payroll management systems.

Mobile Applications: we development location based,business to business, consumer, payment process and analytics apps that run both on Android and Apple devices.

Teaming Partner: Hyperion Advisory

Hyperion Advisory is our procurement, capital advisory, transition planning and executive action partner. They have acquired over $10Million in Capital Goods through their works in the private and public sectors for the past several years. Hyperion assists owners / operators with capturing and creating sustainable value for their businesses. SYNERGY tackles design and development, while Hyperion focuses on the transition planning and executive action for each project. All governmental and business specific certifications are made available to SYNERGY through our partnership with Hyperion. Through the SYNERGY & Hyperion partnership, we are able to deliver the custom development and project management consulting that your business needs to succeed.