At SYNERGY Consulting, we work with you to expand your personal brand, and help you market your application, website, or custom software in the most effective way possible.  Our goal is to market your products efficiently while reaching out to as many people as possible in your target market. It is important to position your product in a way that allows customers to see clearly what you do, how you do it, and how useful your product can be for them. We are here to help you do that.

Types of Marketing we do:

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization

    One type of marketing we do is SEO marketing which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the site shows up high on search engines like Google. We will work with your company to figure out your greatest “digital” competition, and we will make your company competitive in search results when a client types a certain keyword related to your industry into Google. For example, we can do SEO for a real estate company in California that can help become one of the top real estate companies in California when doing an online search.


    As they say today… Everything is Social! One type of marketing that we do is social media marketing. For this type of marketing we will work with you to build a content strategy. This is where we will figure out what type of content should be uploaded, what types of social media platforms would be ideal for your industry, and when posts should be published for optimal reach. We will also analyze your top competitors and how they leverage their social media to market their company. We will also help you create content for your company to post. Visually attractive images, videos, or blogs you post on social media accounts or on your website can set your product apart from others.


    Print is slowing down and advertising is constantly evolving! Here at SYNERGY we are aware that marketing your company online is one of the most important ways to capture the limited attention your consumers have today. Understanding that consumers are constantly on their computers and mobile devices, we have experts in google an adwords management and social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Some services that we offer within this type of marketing include digital advertising management, monitoring these advertisements, and managing the overall marketing campaign.


    The saying “Content is King” is an understatement. Consumers are looking for added value outside of just the product you’re selling. Blog posts are another marketing strategy that our expert team can manage for you. We work with startups and mid sized companies to create and edit blog posts about both your product and industry. We will also help you market these blogs to consumers who may be interested in reading about your website, application, or custom software.


    People usually retain about 70% of what they see and hear, which means video creation is the most important medium for content. We can build viral centric videos for your company. Our content team specializes in creating many different types of presentational videos like the following: overview of the company, testimonials, and product overview videos. We can also bring our own video team to record, edit, and publish the videos for your company.

The process of marketing your application, website, or custom software includes many skill sets ranging from highly analytical to creative. Through every step of the process the SYNERGY Consulting team engages the founders with the utmost communication to ensure their vision is well executed visually. Our work is done based on milestones. This will allow you to add your feedback before the final image, blog, or video gets published live.

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