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Living in an apartment with three roommates leads to incessant begging and nagging for various groceries and supplies. The struggle of trying to decide who is going to buy what, is constant. Although we all try to take turns, our schedules just do not permit flexibility. So, whenever we have the time to squeeze in a trip to the store we attempt to gather everything that everyone needs.

However, there has not been a time when one person remembers everything that is asked for. Has anything like this ever happened to you? If yes, an app called NeedAnything may be essential in your everyday life. NeedAnything is an app that enables quick and efficient messaging for people on the go. Today, losing time is extremely avoidable and with apps like these we can see how. By simply asking if a friend, family member or roommate might “NeedAnything” from the store, people can save both time and energy.

Different circumstances can prove this app to be extremely beneficial. For example, if a roommate or significant other cannot get to the grocery store to pick up a few items, but you are going, you can easily let them know on NeedAnything that you are at the store. Or, if you go out for food or drinks and cannot remember the orders you were supposed to pick up, you can message on NeedAnything to keep track of who wants what. It is important to note that contacts who have not downloaded the app can still interact and respond to any messages sent through the app. This app proves efficient success by limiting the user’s time it takes on standard iMessage and also includes the ability to send specific locations.

The app enables the user to easily add locations by category and distance. Once added, the specific location can be quickly sent to any chosen contacts or groups. The message will send as “Hey! I’m going to (inserted location). Need Anything?” The speed and accuracy of the specific store or shop you are going to is helpful in sharing proper details to friends, family or roommates. By sending a standard text, the user is avoiding the ability to have one all-inclusive text with all needed details. Additionally, when you are at one of your frequented stores or shops, you are sent a text message reminding you that you are at this location and if you want to send a message to any contacts.

A survey, completed by US Bank, shows that 46% of respondents use cash less than eight days a month and 5% of people do not use cash at all. With these statistics in mind, it is important to highlight the payment feature on the app. Through NeedAnything, users can get paid instantly with PayPal or Venmo, which eliminates the need for cash. These days, Venmo and PayPal are extremely useful for people who are spending money fast and with ease. Therefore, the fact that NeedAnything intertwines this option for users only benefits their time consuming capabilities.

After working with another team, the founder of NeedAnything decided he needed the expertise of Synergy Consulting in order to perfect the app. In just three and a half months, through various methods of designing, editing and evaluating the functionalities, our team has successfully implemented the necessary facets to create a beneficial and efficient app. NeedAnything can come to your aid and offer advanced opportunities for productivity. Whether it is getting paid back quickly, successfully getting everything needed for friends and family, or even just reminding you to get various supplies, NeedAnything comes in handy.