Paper Airplane is a mobile venue based messaging application. Their mission is to change the way people meet and date by disrupting the current state of the nightlife industry.

– Paper Airplane needed to secure an interim CTO for guidance and mentorship to research and integrate the cutting edge technology needed to execute their vision. They had to let go their previous mobile app developer who could not developer a working product.
– To design an easy to use back-end platform to monitor sales and account management with a professional mobile app developer that have expertise in location based application development
– To get direction around technology infrastructure and scaling when talking to investors
– To design and build a low-cost MVP to attract investors for their initial seed round

Paper Airplane has completed their MVP within 3.5 months which they were unable to do 14 months prior to hiring SYNERGY. The founder of Paper Airplane has also secured angel investment commitments from several players in the tech space.

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